For millennia mankind has been observing the stars and planets travelling through the zodiac, as well as writing stories and myths about them. For centuries, star signs and celestial bodies have served sailors and travellers as an important navigational aid. These heavenly bodies are also the basis of our calendars. Today we can use the course of the sun, moon and the planets for orientation on our own life’s journey.

Western astrology has its origin in Babylonia and Egypt and was refined by Greek astrologers. They observed the relationship between the movement of celestial bodies and events on earth. This information has been documented and further developed for calculations and astrological interpretations.

Modern astrology is based on the Hermetic Principle of correspondence “As above, so below; as below so above.” and sees an interrelationship between macro- and microcosmos. The word “cosmos” means order. Modern astrology does not intend to forecast concrete events, it rather attempts to describe the potential and nature of a person with the help of symbols. Through the “celestial” perspective, astrology can contribute to personal development and find meaning in our lives on earth.

Since the planets are constantly moving, with the help of astrology we can look into the future and the past, in order to recognise and understand the quality of the time. Just like a compass, astrology can help us to orientate: Where do we come from? Where are we going? What is important for us now? The decision where the personal journey should lead, is up to each individual.

If you are curious about what the stars might have to say to you, please read further.


Interpretation of the birth chart

Gnothi Seauton – know thyself Inscription on the Apollo Temple in Delphi

Your birth chart lays out the position of the planets in the sky at the moment of birth, seen from your place of birth. It is unique, just like you. It describes the quality of the moment as well as your potential and predisposition. One could say that you are expression and a messenger of that moment.

In a personal consultation I will interpret areas of life which interest you, from an astrological perspective. Together we will explore how the potential in your chart relates to your life and experiences so far.

A chart reading is especially suitable for the following life themes:

  • Self-recognition and personal development
  • Character reading and behavioural patterns
  • Professional life and vocation
  • Relationship and family
  • Studies and education
  • The desire for change

Interpretation of the solar return and annual forecast

The only constant in the universe is change. Heraklit

With astrological forecasting techniques, I can describe to you symbolically the trends and relevant themes of your upcoming year. Together we can explore your possibilities and options. The analysis of the current quality of time can also be useful, giving events and experiences a deeper meaning.

Relationship astrology

We can improve our relationships with others by leaps and bounds if we become encouragers instead of critics. Joyce Meyer

In synastry, two birth charts are compared with each other. Hence, we can explore the nature of the relationship, its harmonious and challenging aspects as well as development possibilities. Synastry work can help to change our position and point of view and perceive the relationship from a different angle. From this different perspective we may develop more understanding towards each other.

Relationship astrology is suitable amongst others for lovers, business partners and parent-child-relationships. Prerequisite for synastry work is the consent of both persons involved.

Children’s charts

Every child you encounter is a divine appointment. Wess Stafford

From a child’s chart one can neither foresee how a child will develop nor how it should be. However, the interpretation of a child’s chart can be beneficial to gain insight into the child’s potential and its individual needs, in order to support it better in its emotional and intellectual development.

Electional astrology

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1

The purpose of electional astrology is to choose a good point in time for an event or project. In the past electional astrology was very popular and astrologers were consulted regularly to pick a time for the foundation of cities, coronation ceremonies, marriages etc. If you are planning an important event or project in your life, such as a marriage or the start of a new business, I can assist you with pointing out a good time from an astrological perspective, to seize the moment and take that opportunity.

Location astrology

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page. Saint Augustine

With the help of astrocartography and other techniques we can recognise, where in the world certain planetary principles of your chart are more noticeable and perceptible. This part of astrology can be especially of interest, if you are planning an important trip or move to another part of the world.

Astrology evenings or workshops

On request

About me

Mag.a Stefanie Gutwenger D.F.Astrol.S.


Since my teenage years I have been fascinated by the art of astrology. Back then, I calculated and drew my birth chart manually with the ephemerides and tried to interpret it with the few astrology books the library had to offer.

After studying commerce and working for several years, in 2006 I decided to follow my passion and begin a serious and professional education at the Faculty of Astrology in London. After one Jupiter Cycle and parallel to my work in the financial world, I concluded my studies successfully. Jupiter signifies amongst others higher studies, wisdom, the broadening of the horizon and the finding of meaning.

The symbology and the interpretation of horoscopes with its sudden insights, gives me much pleasure. Each moment in time with its celestial constellation is unique, just like every human being with his or her birth chart. Astrology describes our individual potential and resources in a wonderful way and can help us to develop a greater sense of meaning. In my view, astrology creates an awareness which increases tolerance, openness and frees us from limiting expectations. Through self-recognition and reflection our personal development can succeed more easily.

It is my vision as an astrologer to view potentials, special situations or questions from a “celestial perspective”, in order to encourage new ways and provide meaning for a self-determinate life.

I am also interested in Reiki and quantum healing and I continue to further my education.


In order to calculate and interpret your chart, I need your date, place and exact time of birth. Your birth time should be as accurate as possible. However, many people are not sure when exactly they were born. With the method of rectification I can try to find an effective birth time to be able to interpret your chart. Please ask me about this.

So that I may assist you in the best possible way, I would like to know about your concerns and interest, before the actual consultation. It would be useful if you could also outline your expectations and describe where you currently are in your life’s journey.

Our “Astro-Dialog” is of course confidential. My astrological work is based on the Code of Ethics of the Faculty of Astrology. On request the consultation can be recorded.


In Vienna:

A- 1210 Wien, Fallmerayerweg 49 Haus 2

(U1 Leopoldau)

Telephone and Online consultations

I also offer consultations by telephone or online (Zoom, Skype…).


Duration Fee
Birth chart and annual forecast 90 min EUR 180
Birth Chart 60 min EUR 120
Followup Session (e.g. annual forecast) 60 min EUR 120
Synastry – Relationship Astrology 90 min EUR 200
Children’s chart 60 min EUR 100
Electional Astrology on request
Location Astrology on request
Rectification on request

A cancellation is possible up to 5 days prior to the appointment. Thereafter the full price will be charged.

Gift Voucher

You may also give a consultation as a gift.



I accept PayPal, bank transfer and cash.

Contact details

Mobile: +43 664 262 00 12

I am looking forward to hearing from you!


Stefanie ist eine sehr professionelle und empfehlenswerte Astrologin. Sie ist super auf meine Beratungswünsche eingegangen und hat das Gespräch mit einer sehr interessanten Analyse der Daten und bildhafter Darstellung dessen in einer warmherzigen Atmosphäre bewusst geführt und gestaltet. Die Klarheit mit der sie die verschiedenen Aspekte, auch für Menschen die sich nicht mit Astrologie auskennen, erklärt hat, ist eine der Kapazitäten die ich hervorheben möchte, sowie Ihr Enthusiasmus und die Einfühlsamkeit. Die wertschätzenden Interpretationswege haben mich inspiriert. Danke Stefanie für die tolle Beratung!
- Laura M. (Brescia)

Lange habe ich mich nach einer Astrologin umgesehen. Stefanie Gutwenger hat mich durch ihre Laufbahn, ihre Ausbildung und Authentizität angesprochen. Bei ihr erhielt ich Antworten auf so einige Fragen, die mich schon seit einiger Zeit beschäftigten. Mit ihre Aufzeichnung und sehr präzisen, sensiblen und in die Tiefe gehenden Deutung des Sternenbildes bezüglich meiner Stärken und meiner Persönlichkeit, haben sich innere Vermutungen bestätigt und mich bestärkt zu handeln, zu verstehen und zu verändern. Danke!
- Karin

Liebe Stefanie!
Ich will Dir dankend ein paar Gedanken zu unserem Gespräch auf diesem Weg vermitteln. Obwohl ich der Astrologie in meinem Leben bisher wenig Beachtung geschenkt habe, haben Deine Darstellungen, Deutungen und Interpretationen großen Respekt vor dieser uralten Tradition bei mir entstehen lassen. Du bietest mir einfühlsam eine persönliche Deutung an, die mit meiner eigenen Lebenserfahrung übereinstimmt. Die Sicht auf das, was kommt bestärkt mich in meiner Zuversicht, mein Leben richtig zu gestalten und ermutigt mich Änderungen zur stimmigen Zeit einzuleiten.
Deine Anregungen, mich selbst auch mit eigenen Gedanken einzubringen, sind für mich wertvoll und bereichernd. Die auf mich archaisch wirkende Symbolik macht neugierig, mehr in die Tiefe zu gehen und auf diesem Weg mehr über mich selbst und die kosmisch energetische Vernetzung zu erfahren.
Mehr kann ich mir von einem astrologisch geprägtem Gespräch nicht wünschen.
Nochmals vielen Dank für Deine Zeit und Mühe! Liebe Grüße,
- Helmut